Hair Transplant Before & After

After the Hair Transplant Process

Once the patient undergoes a hair transplant surgery, he should bear in mind that the process not only ends when he leaves the clinical center, but also that he must comply with certain post-operative care. As we all know, hair transplantation is mainly for people who have lost a lot of their hair due to baldness.


The area where the hair follicle was extracted and where it is reinstalled are very sensitive. It is advisable not to drink liquor, not smoke, not receive sun the month after surgery and it is completely forbidden to bathe in pools or beaches. While you should avoid touching or rubbing the area where you received the new hair, as this can cause the fall of it.


In addition, special care at bedtime, to place the head high with a travel pillow that allows you to have your head still when resting; Also avoid taking anticoagulant medications. You also have to wash the receiving area with saline every three or four hours, while the donor area can be washed with soap and water, this, on the other hand, heals quickly.


On the fourth day of the operation you can bathe, without receiving the shower jet directly in the receiving area and with neutral soap, giving very soft massage without friction, for this time it is normal to find shells both at the site where there was the extraction and where he received it, these are detached alone, in case it has not happened you must give gentle massage until you get rid of them.


By day 10 you should not have scabs and for this day the follicles are safe, while the rule of not swimming in a continuous pool, you can wash your hair comfortably, you may feel a little itching due to scarring.


After 30 days you will suffer hair loss, but not the follicle, it is a normal process because the hair circulation was cut and it falls and generates a new one and renews circulation. Start the hair growth that you will see after three or four months, where you will no longer need special care. You should only protect your hair from the sun. After four months you will see the hair, perhaps not so dense and very fine, but it is normal, remember that it is still in the process of increasing its density and volume.

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