Hair Transplant Treatments



Alopecia is the loss of hair from the head in an abnormal way, since a person loses 70 to 100 hairs a day. People suffering from alopecia lose many more; and there are certain cases of hair loss in the eyebrows, arms and other parts of the body. Alopecia has several synonyms like baldness.


The phases of the hair are three, the growth, the rest where the hair does not grow anymore and the fall. Once the final phase is reached, it opens the way to the growth of a new hair.


Although the fact of excessive hair loss is not necessarily alopecia or baldness, it can also be generated by stress, some medications, hormonal problems, pregnancy or diseases such as lupus. On the other hand, there are several types of alopecia, which are:


  • Scarring, which can be related to diseases of the scalp, as well as not directly related to a hair disease.
  • Diffuse, loss of hair density, which causes it to be lost little by little.
  • Fibrosing, it is the frontal loss of the hair, which makes the line between the forehead and the hair more and more backwards.
  • Androgenic, or common alopecia.
  • Areata, are areas of hair loss.
  • Universal, the creation of antibodies against the same follicle.


Although there are treatments for the prevention or delay of hair loss, not all can ensure an optimal and positive result. You must attend the dermatologist specialized in trichology, who is responsible for the study of hair, to prescribe the corresponding treatment, and to determine if it is really alopecia or a side effect.


On the other hand, not only men suffer from baldness, women and children can suffer hair loss in an uncontrolled way. Being in the case of children for various reasons such as ringworm, which is a fungus transmitted by the dog or cat; seborrheic alopecia and trichotillomania, which is produced by the child pulling the hair. In all cases, it is best to consult a doctor before using remedies without knowing the real reason for your baldness, remember that not all that hair loss has to be alopecia.

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