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Are the Psychological Effects of Hair Loss?

Alopecia and psychological disorders influence the life of the person as a cyclical effect, those suffering from alopecia may suffer from psychological disorders and vice versa. While, globally, for now, the man is the one who heads the statistics of higher rate of baldness, having the opportunity to recover it by hair transplant, but there are people who suffer from baldness as a result of some psychological illness, which make them Having baldness like this does not suffer family inheritance problems to be bald. Although the solution for many is the capillary graft, we must also consider the intervention of a psychologist in patients with some type of disorders, and thus take care of the psychological part of the person.


Among these mental disorders we can talk about trichotillomania, which is the desire, impossible to repress, pull the hair, the fact that the person is careful to remove their hair and not by an uncontrolled loss of it naturally. It is not only the hair, it can be the eyebrows, eyelashes or hairs of the body. These actions can be seen as a tic, an addiction, an obsessive-compulsive behavior, which attacks all ages and gender with women being the most affected. Unaware of its causes.


Psychology and dermatology are accompanied in multiple aspects, both originate in the same embryonic layer and many diseases that attack the mind are reflected in the skin as stress and baldness, to give an example.


Another disorder that we can not ignore is Caetophobia, fear or phobia of hair, whether it is from another person or animals. This fact greatly influences how the person feels uncomfortable when being with a group of people or the impossibility of seeing themselves in the mirror because it generates hatred or anxiety that ends up taking away as much hair as they can. Specific phobias are indicative of anxiety disorders towards the object of their irrational panic. Limiting the individual so that he can achieve a normal life.

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