Hair Transplant Before & After

Before the Hair Loss Process?

A hair has some important factors that cause alopecia, age, family inheritance and the decrease of certain hormones that vary depending on sex. What to do before the loss of the hair process occurs?


A healthy hair is one that has a density according to your scalp, maintains the same thickness between the hairs and grows evenly. Although genetics is an influential factor is not determinant for individuals, as one of the preventive methods against alopecia is a good diet rich in vitamins and trace elements that can produce in the hair shine, moisture and softness; besides a healthy and calm life.


Although there are tips that may seem simple, in reality, they have relevant importance:


  • Avoid the use of caps, excessive friction on the head can cause hair loss and caps or other contraption on the head prevents hair from breathing.
  • Drink plenty of water, about two liters of water daily, to be able to maintain not only our hair but our body hydrated.
  • Not so tight hairstyles, very tight tails or crines tend to break hair and make it weak.
  • Aggressive beauty treatments, the use of chemicals in the hair can have consequences on the scalp, in addition the use of irons and dryers can mistreat hair more than you think.
  • Protects the hair from the sun, in any season of the year the sun has a negative effect on our hair.
  • Stress, looking for ways to control nerves and stress in times of stress.
  • Massages to the scalp, is a way to stimulate circulation in the head and follicles.


Hair as part of our body needs its respective care, if you know that in your family are prone to baldness, or if you live a life full of anxiety or stress either for work or your personality, are factors that will lead to alopecia either transient or definitive. Preventing it requires care that you can acquire as part of your daily routine.

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