Hair Transplant Before & After

How to Wash Hair After Operation Hair Transplant

The hair transplant operation, although it is a process of recovery of the image before baldness, is a surgical operation as such, in which the processes of post-operative care are delicate, as well as the same operation where it is required all possible health. The operation uses the hair follicles of the neck, which is the cleanest area of ​​the body and the hairs are extracted from this area to place them in the receiving area, but how can you wash the hair after having gone through an operation where the follicles Are they delicate and sensitive? …


On the first night after surgery, the head should not touch the pillows when sleeping, and avoid any physical exercise. During the first three days you should not wash your hair. Once past those days, the water jet can not fall into the grafts directly, plus you should avoid doing much friction, remember that just just grafted. You can massage the scalp with care, so you can remove the scabs that can come out due to scarring, if there is itching avoid scratching it with violence, you should only massage. It is recommended that before the shower you put a moisturizing tonic and wait 45 minutes to penetrate the scalp and use neutral shampoo without removing the tonic.


The shower water should not be cold or hot, these steps should be repeated for about a week twice a day. It is important to note that the shampoo can not be rubbed or rubbed only to fall gently, at day five you can give gentle massages, as days go by after day 10 you can increase the pressure. By day 10 with the baths and massages you should not have scabs anymore.


After 10 or 14 days you can use your usual shampoo; although in the same way there are some things that you must do for a month, like taking care of the sun or avoiding swimming in pools or beaches.

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