Hair Transplant Treatments

Is Baldness Treatment Possible?

Nowadays, thanks to technological and health advances, it is not only possible to get treatments to treat baldness, but you can find them with relative ease. In spite of this, it is very important to know which specialist to go to, since even though this branch of health is highly developed, there are also unscrupulous people and establishments that falsely claim to be specialists in a certain area, when in fact the team, working conditions and knowledge are quite precarious, which of course affects the outcome of the treatments they claim to perform.


It is well known that androgenic alopecia affects more than half of men, and although less common, it also affects a significant number of women. With the current fashion standards, it is very easy to get carried away by “miraculous” medicines, without scientific and medical evidences that prove their correct functioning.


In the market there are many treatments and products to treat baldness whose results are proven safe and effective. Among the most sought after we can make special mention to the FUE technique, which is a simple surgical process that consists in the extraction of hair follicles from a healthy and populated area, usually the neck, to be transplanted to a less populated area. In the same way there are other effective techniques for the implant of hair and products on the market to treat baldness, such as the Serum against hair loss.


The first and most important thing before looking for a solution, is to verify that there really is a problem, the ideal is to consult with a specialist in the field to diagnose and help us deal with the problem.

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