Hair Transplant Treatments

Is Beard Hair Transplant Possible?

The consultations in the clinical centers on the transplant of beard have had a quite exponential increase. In this case not necessarily the patient must have alopecia areata, but simply be a hairless person or that his beard is not abundant, while, on the other hand, there are men who want to cover a scar or his cleft lip. The beauty standard influences how the man would like to see his chin, without neglecting the cultural factor, where consider the beard as a synonym of virility, masculinity and mature age where the facial hair shows that the child became a man.


Thanks to new techniques and technological advances in the area, it allows surgeons to offer the service of beard transplant, being a very optimal option for gentlemen.


The beard transplant uses the same technique as the hair transplant, the FUE technique. This fulfills the same function as if it were used to repair the baldness bath. It consists of extracting from 300 to 700 follicles, depending on the patient, whose donor area for the mustache and beard is the head. On the other hand, the FUSS technique can also be used, while the FUE technique consists in transplanting hair by hair, the FUSS consists in extracting a thin band of skin with hair of 15 to 20 cm by 1 wide. The operation lasts approximately 2 to 5 hours. It is very simple to perform; bringing as a result, a beard of natural and dense aspect. Whose surgeon’s experience is vital.


In the same way, the facial hair once grafted will fall after two weeks and will grow again after three months entering its natural cycle.


The beards are becoming fashionable. Multiplying the number of men who choose to do this process, and continues to increase. Although men with shaved beards are still a trend, beards will once again be a trend and with a safe and effective method.

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