Hair Transplant Treatments

Is Facial Hair Transplant Possible for Women?


The loss of facial hair can not only be due to alopecia areata, there are also cases about drugs that cause this fall, diseases, chemotherapy, scars, radiation, among others. Surgery, like the hair, can be a good option for men who do not have a beard, but in the case of women, they assist by restoring their eyebrows or eyelashes, with eyebrows being the most requested since this can represent a total turn in the image and in the self-esteem; being the eyebrows something that does not escape fashion, because its function is to frame the look and rejuvenate the face.


The constant waxing of the eyebrows means that over the years bald areas are created, and the hair does not grow back, while the age, after 45 years, also reduces the amount of hair on the eyebrows. Women tend to opt for eyebrow transplant with the FUE technique, which is the same used for hair or beards.


The donor area is obtained in the same way from the lower part of the neck, where the direction of hair growth is respected, the design of the eyebrow is taken directly from the facial features, so that it can have the best results and above all that look natural. Similarly, the opinion of the patient is taken into account, either with the drawing of the eyebrow made by her stylist or in the same clinical center, and they make sure that it is the way she wishes. The number of grafts performed is 200 to 500 hairs in each eyebrow depending on the thickness and density.


Postoperative care, the patient can go home the same day of the operation, and continue with their usual tasks, covering the eyebrows with sunglasses. Its results are permanent, its growth being faster than in the natural brow.

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