Hair Transplant Treatments

Is Hair Transplant in EyeBrows Possible?

There are patients with baldness, who have an uncontrolled loss of hair, but not only there is alopecia of the scalp; but there is also alopecia areata, which deprives the patient of his body hair including that of the eyebrows, beard, hair, even the pubic area. Although there is no cure that reverses the process of hair loss, there are certain procedures that seek to restore it, is it possible to transplant hair with eyebrows?


This procedure is the restoration of the eyebrow or eyebrow transplant, which proceeds to the total or partial loss of fine hair of the eyebrows, either by baldness or scarring. The implantation comes from the donor hair of the scalp, which when inserted in the eyebrows will grow throughout life, taking a simple care to cut them once a month. Simply to give it a natural appearance.


The procedure consists of making microinsitions and placing the hair from right to left, as a natural position of the eyebrows when growing. The density and size are taken into account, hair is placed depending on the quantity, thickness and shape of the original eyebrow. It is a delicate procedure for the attention that must be made, but it is simple as far as the patient is concerned, both in the same operation and in its recovery.


It is applied to the patient sedatives at the time of operation and lasts approximately two hours, after the surgery, at 4 days in the eyebrows appear crusts and a slight pink tone around the transplant; at 5 days he can return to his normal life without showing signs of the operation.


Although the transplanted hair falls after two weeks, the follicle remains alive in the transplanted area and its growth can be observed after three months, where the lifelong growth of the eyebrows is appreciated.


This procedure is useful both in the coverage of alopecia areata and to cover scars, being an ideal option for people who are devoid of hairs on the eyebrows, thus taking care of their appearance and helping them to recover their self-esteem.

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