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Is Sex, Age or Nationality Important to Receive a Hair Transplant Service?

Actually anyone can access a hair transplant service, regardless of their nationality or sex. The only requirement is that the person wants to have an excellent hair health, with an abundant hair of natural appearance. Of course, this person must also have some donor areas in their body so that the extraction of the follicles and the subsequent transplantation are possible.


As it has been said, there is no nationality or sex requirement for hair treatment, because each human being is free to decide on the aspect they want to have and on what treatments to submit.


Regarding age, although there is no age requirement as such, what is certain is that there are ages in which the hair transplant has better results and greater probabilities of success, that is, from the 26 to the 80 years old Other surgeons prefer a smaller age range that can go from 30 years. With age the specialists tend to have a little more rigor because with age you can make a prognosis on how alopecia will evolve in the patient, also, that according to the age range the person has already delimited the areas of alopecia which favors a better distribution of the hair follicles in the receptor areas.


Also, the person must have adequate health to be able to undergo a surgical procedure. Finally, for the implant to be successful, the area that will become the recipient must have stopped the process of alopecia in it. The best way to determine these factors is to go to a specialist in the field that will help diagnose the condition and possible treatments to control the problem.

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