DHI Technique Hair Implant Techniques

Is There Any Disadvantage in DHI Hair Transplant?

During the DHI technique, the specialist in charge of performing the hair transplant, will define the depth and inclination so that the hair is left with a more natural result. In this process, the extraction and the implant meet in a process consisting of 2 steps, grafting the follicular units in the receiving area without creating incisions for it as in the FUE method. Even so, it is necessary to know some of the disadvantages implied by the FUE technique, among which we can mention:


It can not be practiced by anyone: Due to the high difficulty of performing this technique, it is advisable to go only with the most experienced professionals in it. It requires a lot of training and high qualification to work with this technique.


The instruments are usually more expensive: Due to the high difficulty of the technique, the surgical instruments have a very high value, all because of the high sophistication of their materials.


Higher prices: In general, it is an economically more expensive process than other techniques than other hair transplant techniques. Several factors contribute to this, especially the sophistication of the materials with which one works and the frequency of replacement.


Materials that are not very durable: even though the instruments are made of a sophisticated material, they have little durability to use, so they have to be replaced more frequently, which contributes to their higher price.


More attention from the specialist: Not because it is a procedure without incisions in the skin, it does not make it any easier. The specialist must pay more attention and precision throughout the process of the hair transplant technique.


The decision to apply a hair transplant treatment with the DHI technique is very important, for this reason, we emphasize that the choice of the specialist in charge of applying said treatment can not be taken lightly.

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