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Is There Any Disadvantage in the Hair Transplant FUE?

The FUE technique is the most used method currently for the treatment of hair loss. It consists of the extraction of hair follicles from a donor area with normal hair growth, to an unpopulated area or with alopecia, which helps to improve the image of those who resort to this treatment.


Even so, despite being a highly reliable method for its effective and natural results, there are some points to take into account when implementing it. We are talking directly about some disadvantages that may arise during the process and which we will mention below:


Disadvantages of the FUE technique


Long-term sessions: It is a method that requires a lot of precision, since the hair follicles are extracted to be transplanted one by one to the receiving area. It is a slow and laborious process, so it is necessary to do the process in several sessions to obtain its results. All this will depend on the degree of baldness that the patient presents.


Total shaving of the area is required: It is required that the patient shave completely both the recipient and the donor area, all in order to make the growth look natural and done uniformly, which undoubtedly, at the beginning may be uncomfortable for the patient.


Finally, another of the risks involved in this treatment is the appearance of long-term scars. People can develop some defense mechanism that resists adaptation of the follicle, which encourages the appearance of these scars. All this of course, once again taking into account the degree and number of follicles that require to be transplanted to the receiving area for more remarkable results.

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