Hair Transplant Turkey

Is there any pain during the surgery / surgery process of hair transplantation?


Hair loss is one of the biggest concerns at a social level, as it makes people feel lost along with their hair. Thanks to this, methods to treat hair loss with state-of-the-art technology are increasingly being developed and they offer surprising results with natural finishes. Thanks to these same advances, capillary surgery can be performed with painless procedures and without scars. The most popular techniques for hair transplantation are the FUE and DHI methods.


With the FUE and DHI methods, high-level techniques are used for hair transplantation that guarantees the patient completely natural and permanent results, all through the extraction of hair follicles, one by one from populated areas of your body, usually from the back of the nape to be transplanted to the depopulated areas or with low density of hair, and that the patient wishes to recover them. The techniques are performed with high precision and painlessly, since local anesthesia is applied and the follicular units are extracted with extreme care, even after the process is finished, the patient will not feel pain.


Likewise, fast healing times and a high survival rate of transplanted grafts are guaranteed to areas with baldness, with a precision work so that the results are optimal and very natural as far as possible.


We are talking about very advanced technologies for hair transplantation and cure baldness permanently, taking care to cause as little discomfort as possible during the execution of the process. The FUE and DHI techniques are minimally invasive procedures that do not generate stress in patients and whose result is visible as soon as the operation is finished.

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