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Statistics for hair loss? (World baldness chart)


People suffering from alopecia, or better known as baldness, are those who have uncontrolled and sometimes even accelerated hair loss. Affecting not only men but also women, although it is believed that the latter affects them to a lesser extent. Hair loss is not only due to baldness, it is also associated with symptoms of stress or hormonal problems; Once alopecia is diagnosed, many patients face several realities, sometimes age, other loss of attractiveness, many people choose to wait for the inevitable thing that is the total loss of the hair, others go to aesthetic centers to be performed transplant capillary. Although alopecia has several types, we must take into account the opinion and diagnosis of a professional.


How many people does this evil affect?


A global statistic is handled, but even so there are no in-depth studies on alopecia as a problem. It is known that baldness mainly affects white-skinned people. Being 1 in 4 men who suffer from baldness from their 20s, and those who reach their 50s, have 50% hair loss and in their old age presents a 98% loss.


The countries best positioned in this table is the Czech Republic, which presents an important percentage of 42.79% of its male population suffering from alopecia, with the androgenic being the most common in the 90% that affects the world population. Spain follows with 42.60% and in Germany it presents 41.24%. Europeans present 40% of the bald population; although if we see in the United States they present the percentage of 39.04, in Latin America those that lead the list are: Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay. While in Asia they live with their hair intact, less Japan that could be said to be the most affected by baldness in the whole continent with 26.28%


Women are increasingly affected in baldness, especially in menopause, with the decrease in female hormones, leaving male hormones as a predominant factor. Although 50% of the statistics indicate that they have suffered from alopecia in their life. Family inheritance, stress, poor diet and hormonal problems affect women’s hair.

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