Hair Transplant Treatments

Treatment with Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP for Hair Loss)

Platelet-rich plasma is a novel treatment that allows to reuse and isolate the factors that allow hair growth, through the same circulation and development of natural enzymes of the patient. It serves to stimulate and enhance the regeneration of healthy tissue, which allows baldness to be treated, since it provides for the formation of collagen elastin and hyaluronic acid, it also increases vascularization at the level of the hair follicle, giving excellent results in patients with moderate hair loss.


Growth factors


The PRP as it is known to Plasma Rich in Platelet, is a simple process in which the plasma is introduced rich in growth factors that release platelets from the patient, this procedure is performed by means of micro injections in the scalp, without signals of pain or traumatism, although to avoid the discomfort it is usually resorted to applying local anesthesia.


The plasma rich in growth factors is obtained from a light blood sample from the same patient and, by means of conventional centrifugation methods, the plasma fractions are separated. After being separated, the PRP injection is continued at the capillary level, so that it stimulates its regeneration. This method also has no recovery process and in fact patients resume normal activities immediately.


Results of plasma enriched in hair loss


Right after the effective application of this method, when plasma rich in growth factors is applied, a slight reddening of the treatment area may be denoted, however, this is the only factor to be considered in this method and the inflammation will decrease. natural and progressive in the following hours.


This method has generated incredible results for its application, you can see the improvement progressively over time, reaching its peak in the first month of having made the session, but day by day notice a significant difference.


The ideal is to follow the procedure explained and denoted by the specialist. The indications to be able to observe the results with each session, will denote that the difference between the before and after is noticeable.


Remember that in the combat of this condition can go to several methods and the enriched plasma has been a positive change for the industry offering success stories and users who allow a new opportunity to show off their hair.

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