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What is Micro Fue? Micrografting – Microfue

Hair transplant is a surgery to recover hair after baldness; Usually a technique called FUE is used. It is a capillary micrografting technique that redistributes the hair follicles from a populated area to a depopulated area on the scalp, which are known as follicular units. We proceed to place the hair by microincisions in the bald areas, but what is this technique?


Extraction of follicles


It consists of extracting from the donor area healthy, living and individual follicles with an instrument called Punch, which fulfills the function of a cylindrical scalpel with a range of 0.75 to 0.90 mm in diameter, depending on the diameter of the hair, using the indicated . This process is very delicate since the follicle is sensitive and can be broken or cut.


Organization of the grafts


It is the phase where they organize the grafts extracted in individual, double or triple depending on the diameter of the follicle.


Scalp opening in the receiving area


In this phase it is sought to repopulate the receiving area, or the area to be densified, once the same has been applied anesthesia, proceed to introduce the grafts in the destitute area, but not before having accommodated the hair extracted under the microscope. This process is very delicate and requires a professional, the builders are made with microperforadora, which will be less than the grafts in a matter of diameters. And they will be placed according to the angle and direction of the hair when it grows.


Introduction of the grafts


This is a process that must be carried out very carefully, it must be correctly grafted with respect to the direction so that the result looks natural. The insertion has to be minimal since this way it promotes nutrition and circulation flows so that the hair grows. The objective of this step is for the root of the hair to remain inside the skin.


The process helps the relocation of a populated area to a hairless one, given the small size of the spaces, it requires a lot of professional technique, experience and concentration.

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