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What is the Choi Pen Technique? DHI Choi Pen

The Choi Pen is a tool for extracting follicles for hair transplantation, the use of this instrument is a new technique, which leaves behind tools such as micro-motor.


It is similar to a ballpoint pen and was created in South Korea, in the Kyungpook National University, fulfilling the two essential functions of the hair transplant, the opening of the channels in the receiving area and the implantation or insertion of the follicles extracted from the donor area , which are usually in the neck. The tool has a hollow tip connected to a plunger.


The surgeon loads the extracted follicles and the pen inserts them with tweezers in the hollow of the needle. Then the pen will embed the follicles, previously loaded, to the scalp. This insertion, like the other instruments used for this surgery, takes great care to place the hair in the correct direction and it is repeated over and over again until the unpopulated areas of hair are completed.


Inside the operation, six Choi Pen pens are used to speed up the surgical process and obtain an optimal result. These needles that make up the pen system contain several needles for different individual, double or triple follicular sizes.


Benefits of using the Choi Pen


With the pen does not require the opening of channels through incisions to be able to implant the follicles in them; with the pen there is no need to open. In addition, they obtain more healthy and viable follicles to obtain the most effective hair for the transplant. On the other hand, it facilitates the recovery of patients and offers better aesthetic characteristics since with this tool they obtain more effectiveness and precision; It should be noted that you can increase the density of hair, since it makes it possible to place hair in sparsely populated or sparsely populated areas. One of the steps to have the surgery before the pen, that is to say with the micro-motor, was that the alopecia had to be very advanced or shaving the hair in the areas to be treated and this is no longer a requirement with the pen. In addition, it offers a good view of where the doctor should implant the new follicle.


As if that were not enough, the pen does not leave scars, it is an innovative instrument that improves hair transplant techniques and improves the natural appearance of hair in both direction and density.

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