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What is the FUE Sapphire Technique?

Techniques for hair transplantation evolve on a par with studies and technological advances. Thanks to this, today we have a novel method for hair transplantation known as FUE Sapphire. But what does this technique consist of ?, we will explain it below.


As we know, the FUE method is well known for being one of the safest techniques for hair transplantation and the most used for its excellent results with natural appearance. This technique, like many other surgical treatments that have evolved to use specialized instruments involving some precious gems, has begun the implementation of sapphire blades which is now known as the FUE Sapphire technique.


How does the FUE Sapphire technique work?


As we have already mentioned, in logar of habitual leaves, in this procedure sapphire blades will be used to open the microchannels in the area to be treated. The function of the sapphire blades is to minimize the formation of scabs after surgical transplantation and significantly accelerate the recovery of the area treated with the FUE technique. The crusts are a normal effect after applying the FUE technique in a certain area of ​​the scalp, but thanks to the novel implementation of the sapphire blades, the area will see a faster recovery compared to the normal treatment.


This technique is the result of advances in the area of ​​hair treatment. Thanks to FUE, it has become the most accepted hair transplant technique in the world, hence the efforts to improve it and achieve more optimal results when applying it, that is where FUE Sapphire was born. It should be noted that the leaves made of sapphire have a smooth surface with antibacterial properties and incredibly precise design, with greater durability. Thanks to this, the risk of complications or damage to the tissue will be reduced considerably, and also influences when obtaining a more natural result.

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