Hair Transplant Treatments

What is the Hair Serum?

Nowadays many companies develop products for the care of the hair; including hair serums, and these have different versions for different types of care. The hair serum acts as a protective layer of pollution, sun rays and humidity; In addition to keeping the hair as a filament to prevent it from becoming entangled and also helps against frizz. These serums must contain vitamins, natural oils, extracts of medicinal plants all this as a base, there are some that come added with proteins and cells. The result is manageable hair, without tangles and protected. Although there are different types of serum, depending on the result you want to obtain.


  • Anti-frizz serum: perfect for dry and curly hair, they contain natural oils that help to moisturize the hair follicles.
  • Serums that give shine: These serums are for all types of hair, which can help revive dry and dull hair.
  • Protective serum: Perfect for those who dye their hair with washable colors, and those dependent on the dryer or the iron. They offer a deeper repair.
  • Repairing serum: These have been formulated according to the problem and the type of hair.
  • Serums for hair growth: The most popular, but these are not the only ones, there are serums for split ends, moisturizers, straighteners, fall prevention … among others.


All these sera can not be applied excessively, in the cases of the sera that give shine you could see the oily hair, it is recommended to spray the spray with a certain distance to cover more space. The amount of hair is taken into account to know how much serum to use, and preferably with wet hair. While the repairing sera should have a little more work in the sense that if the hair is badly damaged, you should place the serum in the hair, wrap it in a bathing cap, last with it all night and wash the hair in the morning or use a small amount daily. The result should be softer hair in sight.


The hair is part of the woman’s day-to-day arrangements, and the serum offers an excellent option for quick and economical use, which substitutes many difficult-to-place chemicals.

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