Hair Transplant Treatments

What is the Meaning of Graft Counts?

The graft count is done once the patient is ready for the operation and the donor area is ready for the extraction of the hair follicles. It all begins with the extraction by the specialist of the follicles one by one that will then be grafted into the recipient area. The follicles extracted can have between 1 to 4 hairs. Generally the ones with the highest number of hairs are chosen so that the final appearance is of greater density.


The specialist uses a micro-scalpel to puncture the skin adjacent to the follicle in 1 or 2 millimeters of depth, and then extract the grafts with very fine forceps. The whole of the bulb is removed with the hair or the hairs.


Also, each hair is removed individually with the help of a powerful and precise magnifying glass, and these hairs are deposited in trays with a special solution that keeps them in perfect state of hydration and temperature until the time comes implantation in the receiving area. During the extraction process, the specialist performs a counting of the follicular units to ensure that they have a sufficiently precise number for the capillary implant operation.


The surgeon is also responsible for examining the follicular units removed, all in order to know exactly which are viable to become a graft and which are not. Finally, the follicles are classified and separated by thickness, number of hairs, size, etc., so that their reimplantation is balanced and looks as natural as possible once the process is finished.

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