Hair Transplant Treatments

What is the Meaning of Graft?

Summarizing it in simple words, the graft involves the action of implanting an organic tissue in a part of the body that has been affected or hurt, so that through this process it is reproduced again or cured.


In the field of capillary health, grafting is a medical technique in which the high productive capacity possessed by the hairs of the neck and other parts of the patient’s body is used to be transplanted into new areas sparsely populated by hair and hair. which the same patient wishes to recover it.


It is then a minimally invasive ambulatory surgery. It should be noted that the grafts used for these purposes have not been influenced by male hormones, it is because of this that the neck area is usually used for extraction, because these hairs do not contain hormone receptors that atrophy and cause their fall For these reasons, and even if they are moved, they are able to preserve this characteristic, which makes them highly resistant to androgenic alopecia.


As for the technique of extraction of the grafts, these can be obtained by extracting a strip of scalp or by extracting individual units of hair follicles.


The extraction of the strip of hair is known as the FUT technique, in which a small incision is made in the nape of the neck to remove a strip of skin with hair, which will then be implanted in the bald area.


In the extraction of individual units of hair follicles, each follicle is removed separately and then implanted in the recipient area. This technique is one of the most used both for its excellent natural results in sight, and for leaving virtually no scars and is quick recovery.

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